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“If you want the best for your dog!” – WE ARE THE BEST!



  • Proven Team GB Trainer at World Championships, 2018/7 GB Team Captain, UK’s All Breed National Champion & ranked Top 15 in Obedience in the World in IPO.
  • Proven ‘real world results’ with hundreds of pet dogs in our most advanced dog training system in 2-12+ week programmes.
  • Proven reward based training with all breeds, all ages and all sizes.
  • Licenced Home Boarding (not kennels!) – 2 dogs maximum. Exceptional expertise, and comprehensive 1 year aftercare.
  • FREE PICK UP & RETURN & free private lessons at your home + DAILY photo/video updates during your dog’s stay.

REAL World Training, REAL Results.


(UNCUT UNEDITED CLIP not 2-3 sec “edited” clips like other ‘training schools’!!!)

In our unique training system , we do NOT teach your dog to look up during the heeling. This is incorrect and not sustainable for your everyday walks. (It’s only good for bribing videos where a dog is looking at a treat or toy for a few seconds). We teach your dog to walk next to you on command that is suited for day-to-day regular walks to the park. If, however you want this type of ‘competition (looking-up) heeling’, we can discuss this with you (scroll down for demonstration video).

Our fast, reliable & effective training program

G3 Dogs Residential Dog Training is a specialised training program which is both fast and effective giving you an increased level of control, trained daily by our staff of experienced trainers across the UK. Our programmes are designed to give you complete off leash control and the freedom to enjoy your dog no matter where you go or who you are with.  We only have a limited number of trainers as we choose QUALITY over QUANTITY.
By having your dog stay with us, our innovative program is designed for owners seeking an easy to live with companion that can go anywhere, respond to commands, and show proper etiquette towards people and dogs.

On initial visit and pick up (we can pick up your dog free of charge), there will be a consultation, extensive assessment and recommendation to which training programme suits your requirements. Your dog will learn important training such as: walking at your side on-leash without pulling, come on command first-time*, sit, down, stay and meet people without jumping. Often, our trainers will train and resolve other issues too – just feel free to let us know!

Our residential dog training is from the best and most advanced – and we understand each dog is different, so no dog can be trained the same. Your dog will stay at the comfort of a trainer’s home (not kennels), and live as one of the trainer’s dog for the complete duration. We are NOT a large training school that trains all their dogs in just one secure training area for 4 weeks – your dog will be walked and trained in public where it matters the most and have a wide variety of stimulation to prepare them for improved behaviour when they are back with you.


Our clients have included: Newcastle United F.C. & USA International DeAndre Yedlin; Our trainers: Featured on BBC, ITV, VEVO Music and much more!!

We include:
FREE pick up and return from your home – fuel charge may apply depending on location and length of stay.

FREE Training gift equipment pack – any leads, collars, treats and additional training equipment are ALL included free of charge).
Daily photo & video Updates – by WhatsApp/facebook or email.
Personal contact with your dog’s trainer via mobile messaging.
Free private 1-2-1 lesson, at your home on return – and we’ll make sure your dog listens to you too with additional lessons free of charge.

Puppy Residential Dog Training (8 weeks to 8 months old)

Residential Dog Training (3-6 weeks) – (3 weeks: £845/week [£2535] – up to 6 weeks maximum)
“The best start to our training – our Puppy Foundation Course – ideal for puppies under 8 months”

Want the best start for your puppy? We know that puppies need a lot of attention and they aren’t born knowing how to behave. From toilet training to general obedience – we can help with it all.
Puppies need structure, and with our system training it is the most effective method for dogs under 8 months or dogs with little or no experience in training. For people and families that want to fast track training, our residential dog training gives you and your dog the chance to learn from a professional. Learning a wide range of obedience commands and of course, house manners. These include: toilet training, recall, no jumping up, self-control, lead walking and commands such as sit/stay/down taught entirely in a reward based system. This is an introductory training course that prepares you dog for our future training. We cannot guarantee off leash control as puppies under 8 months may still be in developmental/socialisation stages.

Video 1: Puppy Residential Training – BULLDOG PUPPY SKATEBOARDS! 
ideo 2: Pug Residential dog training for puppies – recall and puppy training!

Real World Reliability Training – must be over 6 months old

“For dogs that have already tried or exhausted other training methods, OR owners looking for a complete training package and problem solving.”

4 weeks Residential Dog Training (4 weeks, 28 days) – £3500.00 (£875/week) incl. vat
The most popular and recommended choice! Other trainers just can’t compare! Do you want a great recall in any situation? Impeccable lead walking and no pulling on the lead? Our training opens up new possibilities of having a companion dog that you can rely on to have excellent behaviour in public. Other training schools cannot compare as we can train your dog with a high level of control in regular public situations and off-leash training. After your dog completes this course, you will be taught how to maintain their behaviour, additionally you can choose to send him/her again for a refresher training with us. Options can include resolving mild behavioural problems too. This is designed for people that want their dog to be educated to become a companion that will fit seamlessly into their daily lives. *Our guarantee means, by the unlikely event you need extra training lessons, they are free of charge at your closest trainer. Off lead recall and off lead obedience may suitable only for dogs with the correct temperament.
Each training programme is custom designed for you, for example: Basic on-leash obedience training, learning to walk on a leash without pulling, automatic sit when stop whilst heeling, sit stay, down stay, place/bed, off-lead recall, toilet and crate training, stopping jumping up, undesirable barking etc.

“Every dog is unique, so every training is customised to you and your dog.  Feel free to contact us to discuss!”

6 weeks Residential Dog Training (6 weeks, 42 days) – £4950.00 (£825/week) incl. vat
More training with us means a better trained dog and the next step to an even more perfect companion. Also suitable for modifying mild behavioural problems and rehabilitation depending on the severity of the problem; the training described above will be included as the foundation with the addition of the dog being prepared for a much more advanced and off-leash obedience in public. Includes: Automatic sitting when you stop, down (stay) in distractions, socialisation with other dogs and behaviour in public. Only dogs with suitable temperament can be accepted for off-leash training. Feel free to contact us to discuss more.

12 weeks+ Residential Dog Training, Personal Protection or Competitive Training (£750/week) incl. vat
Although 3 months may seem a long time for you, it provides an incredible foundation for your dog to be training with an absolute professional.  This is the ultimate program, and with our extensive residential training, more advanced off-leash obedience is possible.  Additionally we can work on solving more serious behavioural issues.  To discuss more, please contact us here.


There will be a £20 daily fee (£140/week) added per dog during the following holidays: Christmas, New Year, Easter.


Our Training Director, Edmond Kan (UK National All Breed Champion) takes just 2 dogs at a time.
Your dog will live “as his own” dogs and at his home! Feel free to contact us at: for further information.
Prices start from £1200/week. (incl. vat)


Edmond & Ysis (Competition training German Shepherd IPO/IGP) – 2 x World Championship

Why choose our residential dog training at G3 Dogs?

We don’t ‘freelance’ unqualified dog trainers. It takes years and continued education to be at the BEST of our field. We know other ‘training providers’ do it, and it doesn’t work – taking ‘online courses’ doesn’t make you a dog trainer! We have only a select number of trainers that are trained and supervised daily by G3 Dogs which means they follow strict requirements in the care and training of your dog.
We also don’t teach a variety of tricks just to impress you – for most dogs that need help; they don’t need food delivered in another way – they need a deeper structure of training that helps a dog get better over time. We will do our very best to ensure your dog behaves as well, if not better to you compared to with us. Yes, that’s right, they get better trained with you over time, not worse.
In addition to that, we will take better care of your dog than anyone (perhaps even you!) with regular cleaning, grooming and catering for any dietary requirement. We also update you DAILY via mobile messaging because we know you will want to know how your dog is progressing with us. Over the weeks, you will be educated on how we train and how to maintain your dog, so once he/she is back with you, you already know what to do! The power of technology!
*Caution: there are other training schools impersonating our quality of training. Many people say they can train dogs, very few can prove it.
Residential dog training is a very effective form of training to fast-track your dog’s progress. The simple reason is because your dog will stay with a professional dog trainer. To be trained by a professional for a period of weeks is much more effective than an owner learning how to train their own dog once a week. Our training system is the most advanced in the UK, providing more consistent and more reliable results that are easily transferred to the owner.

Keeping you up to date

We update you with a private website link with photos and videos throughout your dog’s stay. It’s a ‘journal’ and something you can read and look through anytime your dog is with us!

See a sample here: click this link (opens new page)

Our clients:

We wish we could share all the fantastic people and dogs we train we value your privacy, and exercise discretion at all times.

International clients:

Our base is in Cambridge, UK.  We have served a variety of dog parents internationally and we are available for travel with experience in shipping, transportation and import/export procedures. Travel and accommodation may be required at cost to the client.

Our terms & conditions:

How to Book G3 Dogs Residential Dog Training
1. Contact us by email ( or telephone (01223 526 963)
2. Arrange your course date and time for the residential dog training for your dog [4-12+ weeks residential dog training.]
3. Pay via BACS or online credit/debit card to confirm your booking in advance.
4. We will confirm your booking by email/telephone including your dog’s vaccinations, pick up and drop off times and contact details about you and your dog.
5. That’s it! We will pick up your dog(s) from your home and after our training you will have a private ‘in-home’ dog training lesson on your dog’s return. We’ll also include future discounted lessons and up to 1 year unlimited phone and email after support to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Visit our YouTube Channel here!

Just a few customer testimonials

  • “Great Experience!!! Edmond was lovely! Toby is like a new dog! Responds first time every time and is happier than ever!!!”
  • “We are super pleased with Annie’s progress!”
  • “It’s lovely having the ability to walk our dog and feeling we are in control.”
  • “Thanks again for all your help with our (Beagle). We now have a dog we can take ANYWHERE (offlead)! Whoohoo!!”
  • “Top line: Edmond and his team are true professionals and we would definitely recommend them.”
  • “Our two rather highly strung and stubborn border collies who pulled A LOT on the lead went for a one month residential course.
  • When they came back their personalities were just the same (which was great) and now they will both walk at heel under command. Also the recall of the younger one who didn’t always come when called is 100%”
  • “No longer is a walk more like we are being taken for a drag by them!”
  • Edmond is amazing with dogs – he is kind but firm and both our dogs really liked him. He is totally committed to achieving the training ‘goal’ and is always willing to help and do more without extra charge if needed.”
  • “Both dogs came back in excellent condition and had clearly been taken excellent care of – a credit to Edmond and his team.”
  • “A definite recommendation from our side.”

Visit our FB page for customer reviews. Customer references available on request.

How to pay

Bank transfer and online banking is easiest but we also accept all major debit / credit cards. AM_SbyPP_mc_vs_ms_ae_UK.jpg
Why we choose to use PayPal?
Because it’s the safest, simplest and most secure online payment system in the world.
If you want to book a place in our course, please make sure you clearly check the dates and times of the course. You need to pay the full fee to ensure your registration is complete for the course you want to go to.