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Socialising your puppy & Puppy Training Cambridge

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So you have a new puppy, and you wish to take them out & socialise them. Fantastic, but there are a few things that you need to remember before you take your puppy out. 

Socialising can start taking place when you get them, but you have to remember that before you take your puppy out in public places they have to wait for their second immunisation at 12 weeks.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t socialise your puppy between 8-12 weeks, but you do have to be careful where they go. You can expose them to different surfaces, loud sounds & differing environments all at home.

Our puppy training is private in-home training (1-2-1) which from our experience, although costing more than other group lessons, is the ideal choice.  Puppy training Cambridge starts with just 3 lessons (spaced approx. every 2 weeks) covering all of your puppy requirements from house manners to basic obedience and even up to adulthood.

Before you socialise your pup, there is a few things that need to be kept in mind. They have a key imprinting period of the first 16 weeks of their life, in which they learn the most in this period than in any other period in their life. This is a two-way street, that if they have a bad experience this can adversely affect them.

So if your puppy becomes nervous/afraid of something you have to remain calm and not put any more stress on the dog (pulling the lead, yelling etc.), a method I use is to help them go up to the object they are afraid of. I tap/pat the object (softly) and use my voice to get the puppy to come and investigate, most puppies are very inquisitive so it won’t take them long to come over and find that everything is ok. They may bark, back away you just remain in your place and continue to show the puppy that everything is ok. Most puppies are interested in food, so giving a few bits of their meals or tasty treats can help encourage a positive outlook.

A natural reaction for people is that when a puppy is scared/nervous/shy they want to pick their puppy up and hug it. As we can’t sit down and reason with dogs, we have to keep in mind what picture we are portraying. To a dog, you are basically saying that they have a valid reason to be scared, as mentioned above go up to the object and reassure the dog and show him that there is nothing to be worried about.

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