Dog Trainer Courses – Becoming a dog trainer

Dog Trainer Courses – Becoming a dog trainer

Want to be a dog trainer? 


Time to take action and follow your dreams!

I started dog training because I wanted the knowledge of HOW.  I read the books, went to the dog trainer courses, and found the fastest and most effective ways to train dogs.  It took me years, and now I’ve taken all the best and made it into a simple programme for anyone to follow.  It’s intense, and it’s not for everybody.  Only the ones with a thirst for the real thing should apply. 

There are many courses out there for dogs and dog trainers, but few (if any) truly teach you how to solve problems for dog owners and how to really help them in their daily lives. 

2 day courses won’t prepare you to be a dog trainer, and if you are serious about helping people and helping dogs, – it starts with helping the owners.  

Sometimes it’s muddy… cold… and wet… long days walking outside and dog treats in every jacket pocket.  This is the life of a dog trainer, and are you ready to be one?

There are many ‘courses’, university included, that teach animal behaviour, canine behaviour and much more – but learning how to train a recall in 2 weeks, stop pulling on the lead in just a few sessions or teaching amazing tricks and obedience.  Few establishments teach you how to truly train dogs: with and without food treats, with and without a lead, and sometimes even without touching a dog.  WE DO.  

I believe that if you really know how to train dogs, your business will flourish and be sustainable and profitable for a long time.

I have designed 3 week, 6 week or 9 week courses to help you become a dog trainer; this is not a theory only course, it’s practical, real and with real dogs, training in real life.

To have the freedom to do what you love, and be rewarded for it is truly wonderful.

I learnt from some of the best dog trainers in the world, people who have proven themselves year after year, dog after dog, in the biggest competitions and with all types of pet dogs.  I wanted to pursue the end goal – how to train dogs and the pursuit of perfection.  How best they learn and how best I could teach them.  As a friend once said, it’s simple – but it’s not easy.  

With technology, internet and video now – I always question why are the ‘leading’ dog experts not training dogs? Why do they not have videos of their training with their own dogs, with customer’s dogs, before and after videos, and how their customer’s cannot even handle their own dogs after years of training?

Over many years and courses that I’ve attended, I’ve created a program that can lead you to become an excellent dog trainer and in turn create an excellent job or your own business in just a few months.  Yes, there will be times where it’s hard work, but we want only to teach people who share our love for dogs, and the desire to help them through modern training. 

As a self-employed, initial training (3 weeks) followed by weekly mentoring for up to 1 year, we include life time support for our trainers, (email and phone), continual education and guidance on starting your own business from insurance to licensing.

My own personal achievements have gone on to representing Team GB, supplying Met Police with dogs, but also helping owners that have struggled with pet training (with other training methods) for many years.

We hope you can also reap the benefits of becoming one of our trainers because it can be very rewarding too; not only financially but in terms of choosing your schedule and the freedom of when and how to work.  What’s better than waking up and having the chance to do something you love?

Dog training is A LOT of fun – but also being organised, clean and professional will lay a foundation for anyone to achieve what we and many others have done too. 

As a basic requirement you should:
– Have your own transportation (car/van).
– Suitable living space, ideally to house 1-2 dogs (not including your own).

Training can be provided if you want to be part of G3 Dogs or even if you want to start your own business, advice in licencing and business can be arranged too. 

On occasion, we have vacant jobs available on a paid, part-time self-employed basis.

We just want to help more dogs get better training! 

If you have any questions, or are interested in becoming a dog trainer please contact us by email:

We look forward to speaking with you.



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