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Dog Training Cambridge, Essex, London, Hertfordshire & more!!

If you would like to have a dog under complete off-lead control, in real world environments and real world distractions – (not church halls, training schools & enclosed fields) but public places where you normally take your dogs – you need to train your dog IN those situations.  This is why our private training is the most effective and also has been proven time and time again with hundreds and hundreds of dogs. 

We recommend starting all dogs with our reward based training (lovely treats/food/toys etc.), we understand there also comes a point where this method will not work and other distractions are simply just more interesting than what we can offer our dogs.

All our lessons are 1-2-1, not group classes, because this is by far the most effective for you, your dog and your progress.

Areas Covered: UK Nationwide, Ireland & Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Belgium).

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Testimonial after completing our 6 training lessons.  Dog Training Cambridge.

Off-lead recall (up to 6 lessons), Walking on a loose lead (2-4 lessons), Listening to Basic Commands (Sit/Down/Stay) (depends on your dog’s past training), Puppy training cambridge (3 lessons)

Per 1-2-1 lesson
approx. 2 hours
Any problem, any age, any breed!
Single lessons (1-2-1) in Cambridge
1 MONTH unlimited support
FREE consultation
INDIVIDUAL attention
QUALIFIED instructors
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At Your Home
Per 1-2-1 lesson, from
approx. 2 hours
Any problem, any age, any breed!
Single lessons (1-2-1) at your home.
3 MONTHS unlimited support
FREE consultation
INDIVIDUAL attention
QUALIFIED instructors
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Puppy Training
Per 1-2-1 lesson, from
approx. 2 hours
Puppy Training from 8 weeks to 6 months
Starting from 8 weeks old.
Important pre-vaccination training.
SINGLE lessons (1-2-1) at your home.
Complete Individual Attention.
3 Months Unlimited Support.
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Prices are based on locations within 30 miles of a G3 Dog Trainer. Additional charges may apply for travel. Prices incl. VAT.
*Recall Guarantee: By following our recommendations in training, you will never pay more than 6 lessons for recall training.  If you need any more lessons they are free of charge, in Cambridge only.  Additional travel surcharge may apply if you require lessons at your location. 


Why G3?

Our techniques are proven & effective to get rapid results that are long lasting.

We have been FCI National All Breed Champion, World Competitor of Team GB as well as featured in music videos, movies, TV, magazines, newspapers… our training speaks for itself!

Don’t be fooled by trainers with ‘memberships’ that have been paid to organisations, ‘part time weekend hobby trainers’ or ’40 years experience’… dog training does NOT take a long time. (Bad dog trainers take a long time!)

We have trained vets, vet nurses, national/international competitors, other pet dog trainers, movie dogs as well as having regularly featured on BBC.

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied at the end of your lesson, you can have a 2nd lesson in Cambridge, absolutely FREE!
No questions asked, no quibbles, & no hard feelings!

*Additional travel charges may apply for in-home lessons.

German Shepherd Dog Training Cambridge: Our Training Director


Puppy training recallx


Springer Spaniel Training: Years without being off lead!! Dog Training Cambridge


Bulldog – Before: pulled like a train! And wouldn’t come back when called!!
After: In 1 lesson we had him walking without pulling! In 3 lessons walking off lead and coming back when called around high distractions!!!


Labrador Cross Springer Spaniel – Struggling with a head halter?  Chasing birds and animals? Dog Training Cambridge.



At Your Home, or At Our Location in Cambridge! First lesson includes free consultation.

We can also include training at your local dog park, environment, vet or any other location (at work, etc.)

Our services include: 

– pre-puppy vaccination lessons, beginner to avanced pet dog obedience;
– loose-lead walking, recall training and off leash obedience.
– dog behavioural problems (house manners, toilet training, solutions to common behavior problems such as leash aggression, begging from the table, jumping on guests, barking at the doorbell, aggression and more).
– competition dog training, gun dog problem solving, competitive dog training, IPO and Schutzhund Training

To book now, simply contact us, email us at
or to speak to one of our professional trainers, contact us on 01223 526 963.

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We Can Help With:

Toilet Training
Come when called
Sit, first time
Lie down
Stay and relax in one place
Accept being groomed/handled
Walking on a loose lead (inside/outside)
Crate training
Wait patiently at doorways
Introducing voice commands & hand signals
Pay attention to you, even with other dogs close by.

And covering important topics such as:

Puppy Training Cambridge / Puppy Socialisation
Dogs and the law
Children and dogs
Preventing jumping up at visitors
Setting house rules and boundaries
The effect of diet on behaviour
Choosing the right food for your dog
Play biting and grabbing at clothes
Over excitability
Tricks & how to play with your puppy
Dog Training Cambridge, Dog Training Essex


If you have on-going problems with your dog(s), you should take our PRIVATE 1-2-1 LESSONS not group classes.

Group Obedience Classes are useful for dogs that are well-trained and in the later stages of their training. For a dog that is LEARNING – the environment should start from a low level or non-distracting environment. Every experienced trainer knows this fact.

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Dog Training Cambridge