Dog training seminars

Please find below information on Dog training seminars and workshops.
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Dog Training Seminars introduce and explain the system of training from start to finish.
Dog Training Workshops are designed for almost entirely practical training when participants are more experienced in training and/or to solve specific training problems.


(Pictured: 2-day seminar in Poland for Wesola Lapka

Dog training seminars

As a dog trainer (and dog owner!) are you fed up of inconsistent results? Good days and bad days? Are your customers effectively taking on board your advice? Are you truly clear on how to really approach a training problem and make significant change to a dog’s behaviour?

In our system of training, the results are predictable and effective to every dog (regardless of age or breed).  The pet dog training industry is filled with old traditions, where advice is based on what was done 20 years ago; and not on what is modern, and effective.

Our seminars are divided in 2 parts: theory and practical. The theory is essential for anyone to make the building blocks in practical training.  The seminars offers a structured approach to common pet training problems that are both humane and positively reinforced in a clear learning system without harsh unwarranted corrections.

The process is to develop a happy relationship between trainers, owners and dogs that are happy and listen to us reliably in real world distractions.

We offer significant practical hands-on training time and various continuing courses to minimise problems and optimise the learning experience.

Perfect Obedience – 1 day workshop ( 3 hours, practical)

  • NEW – how to achieve perfect obedience and understanding your dog through training the latest motivational training methods.

100% Recall – 1 day: Theory & practical, 10 dogs working + unlimited spectators.

  • For groups of dog owners or dog trainers wanting to learn a complete, structured training regime to train any dog, regardless of age and breed to recall.
  • How we teach the basics of recall and understanding the motivating factors of the exercise.
  • Should we always reward the dog? When should we? When not to? Can food be faded away?
  • Understanding distractions and competing factors that make an ‘unreliable recall’.
  • What to do when a dog does NOT listen to the first command? Should you call again? Should you correct? Should you help? Should you try better food and treats? Should you jump up and down and wave your hands to encourage the dog? All these will be answered and then proven with all the dogs.
  • Should corrections be introduced? If so, how should the dog respond? Will they come back faster?
  • When a dog understands the exercise, they need to be motivated.  Building motivation and making the recall more rewarding.
  • Common mistakes and mishandling discussed.
  • How to bring a dog from ZERO recall to 100% recall in less than 4 weeks.  A dog can be ‘fully educated’ in approx. 8-12 weeks regardless of distractions.
  • Course can be run from 1 to 5 days and divided over several weeks.

Dog Training Seminars Part 1 2 days: Theory & practical, 10 dogs + unlimited spectators.

  • Introducing puppies and dogs in obedience that are unfamiliar with our training system.
  • Exploring the principles of motivation of dogs and enhancing these drives.
  • First steps of training, what to teach first and structuring a training program.
  • Clicker training and training with food rewards.
  • The recall. How to achieve 100% or very close to it within 4 hours of training.
  • Positive and negative reinforcement.
  • What to do when the dog does not listen? Do we guide the dog? Repeat the command? Correct the dog? Know the reasons why a dog may not perform.
  • Loose lead walking (not pulling).  Trained in 15 minutes, without corrections.
  • Working in distractions and around other people and dogs.

Dog Training Seminars Part 2 – 2 days: Theory & practical, 10 dogs + unlimited spectators. *Part 1 is required.

  • Advanced distance control.
  • Structuring intensive training and residential training for dogs.
  • Dealing with difficult dogs, aggressive and reactive dogs.
  • Solutions to common household problems and behavioural issues.
  • Installing our training system to obedience exercises and the process of maintaining the dog’s behaviour over several years.
  • Systematic explanation of aggression and how to analyse and treat various types of aggression or combinations thereof.
  • Explanation of training tools: head collars/pinch collars/e-collars/slip collars/choke chains. What is useful and what is not?
  • Punishment.  Positive and negative, is punishment necessary? Is punishment effective? The dangers of using punishment and how to avoid pitfalls.
  • For dog trainers: Dealing with difficult owners and how to create massive change in owners and their dogs.

3 day Intensive Dog Training Seminars – 3 days: Exclusively for training schools/teams/training groups.

Seminars includes both Part 1 & 2 Theory & practical.  For groups up to 10 people (with dogs).

This exclusive seminar is available with much more intensive practical work.  To integrate our training system within your organisation and achieve a common understanding between a group of people.  With this, the benefits of multi-handling (1 dog with several trainers) is made possible and often provides numerous benefits to the final training of the dog.

Workshops2 days: practical only, 15 dogs + 20 spectators max.

  • Practical hands-on training is the main focus.
  • Analysing the level of training of the dog.
  • Optimisation of the dog’s behaviour and increasing concentration of the dog for long periods of time (1-2 hours)
  • Dealing with problems and solutions or ‘work-arounds’.
  • How to create solutions ‘on-the spot’ and how to be prepared for the unexpected.

Short talks/presentations and workshops 1 Day – available on any given topic.



(Pictured: 2-day seminar with aspiring dog trainers in Cambridge)

Our philosophy:

Many pet dog trainers do not understand how to teach basic obedience commands that are then reliable in the every day world.  That is, a system of training that works for EVERY dog, around other dogs, people and very high distraction.  In our system, the training is clear and consistent with results across the board.

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