Dog Trainer Courses

Do you want to train as a dog trainer? Are you unsure about which dog trainer courses to choose? Which school to go with? Are ‘accreditations’ even useful?

INTRODUCTION TO DOG TRAINER COURSES IN CAMBRIDGE APRIL 2016 – reveals: how to start as a dog trainer, discovering the different techniques and methods, principles of dog training and how dogs learn, what is most effective and why, behaviour modification, practical demonstrations and building confidence in moving forward and growing your business.

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There are many dog trainer courses out there, but how many can show proven results (video proof) of the dogs they have trained?  Many trainers show edited clips or lots of talking and minimal dog training!  The fact is, dog training requires a level of theoretical understanding of animal behaviour combined with effective practical training.  How to increase and create behaviour, and how to decrease and eliminate behaviour.

There are many reasons why a dog will do something, and many so-called ‘behaviourists’ can discuss why, when, how and what the dog shows – although this is vitally important, the change is far far far more important.

Dog trainers hold a very unique position, and I was also once ‘struggling’ with my own dog.  I could never understand why she would have the problems she had: she would be worried when I left the house, toilet in the house, not come back when called, pull on the lead, bark at other dogs and so on… I then went on a mission to discover how to ‘fix’ these problems.

What I found was that I had to change my behaviour.  When I changed what I did, I changed what she did.  The methods made sense, and they were effective.  Now, I can apply these methods (now modified to get faster results) to my customer’s dogs and I have had hundreds of student dog trainers take on these methods with the exact same results.

This is what a good dog training system can provide.  A set of clear step-by-step procedures to reach an end goal, or trained behaviour in a dog regardless of breed, age, sex, owner.  Our recall training works with EVERY dog.  Our lead walking programme works with EVERY dog.  There is some variability with the different dogs and of course their owners, but essentially, the training is structured and easy to follow.

For people that say it takes 20 years experience to be the dog trainer they are today – that is definitely true.  What I do today is definitely different to what I was doing 10 years ago.  But, are you willing to change? Are you willing to take new ideas, new methods and be open to new thinking?

If the answer is yes, then join us on one of our one-day dog trainer courses in Cambridge.

Spaces are limited, and will be based on a first-come first-served basis.

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Pictured: 2 day Intensive Dog Trainer course in Cambridge