Ajax Training Updates

Thank you so much Claire & James for trusting us with Ajax’s training. We hope you are happy with his transformation and continue maintaining his good behaviour.

Should you require a follow up (free), please let us know – we are always at hand to support and advise you.

Updates will be available until the end of year. 🙂

G3 Dogs

9 August

Ajax retrieves from down
Playing search/ retrieves with train track in the background. Desensitizing. Ajax freaked out a week ago walking pass those tracks.
Playing with dogs

6 August 2019

Relaxing to classic FM 🙂
Crystal Palace park
Ajax’s favourite tree stump ha ha

30 July

Little pool and retrieve 🙂

26 July

Retrieving and release
After a walk in the park and has quench his thirst, Ajax is learning to relax and settle in the cafe area. A few treats every now and then for being a good boy or when distracted by pigeons.
Ajax enjoying the wet weather.
Cute Ajax!

23 July – Some videos of Ajax enjoying his time training.

Feeding (counter conditioning) around loud trucks and bin collection. This helps with building his confidence around different sounds.
The Ajax Pose.
Interesting geese…
Fun with puddles…

16 July – Sit, stay, release (ok). Learning at this stage to increase the duration of the sit stay. We start with just a second, then a few more seconds, and eventually vary the distances and distractions. Keeping it rewarding, we return to Ajax to feed him, and ONLY when we say ‘OK’ is he signalled to release!

He has progressed very well and from what started just at home, we introduce in real life places.

Sit/stay at the parks
Ajax found a nice play buddy!
‘Place command’ is progressing (staying in one place) 🙂
Socialising is ongoing and as much fun it is for him, it’s very important!
Posing for a photo!

12 July

Crate training: Opening the crate; Ajax to remain calm before letting out. No excited greeting, calmly lead Ajax to designated area for his toilet. “Good piddle/ good poo-poo”. Reward for a good job done 🙂
A little challenging retrieve in the long grass.
A trip to the train station.

9 July

Ajax has had a busy weekend of training!! Learning to sit calmly in the boot of car (opening and closing), meeting dogs in the park, and of course the all important toilet training and crate training.

At this age training and socialisation is very important, so meeting dogs of any size and age will hold great value in the puppy experience. Ajax is soft natured, and lovely with people and other dogs, but occasionally can be spooked by unusual objects including people with hats/large coats or loud noises. (e.g. rabbits at the pet shop, roller blades in the park). For now, it’s nothing major to worry about, it’s just exposure, and counter conditioning him around new things (feeding him yummy treats in those unusual situations) so he learns to have a positive experience of the world.

Posing for the camera! (Sit/stay!)
Crate training (for toilet training)
Ajax with Genie!
Interesting dogs!! New friends perhaps?
A roam around the parks!
Staying in the boot (before being released)
Same kind? Or… 🙂

7 July

5 July

A walk in the park with Ajax
Wonderful smells!!!

Ajax has arrived safely and settling in nicely. He is a very sweet and adorable little puppy – he will have a lot of fun (and education) here with us!

Thank you for trusting us with Ajax. Here we will make updates to his training with us over the next few weeks. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. Updates will be made on Tuesdays and Fridays.