Our business is about helping people: helping you and helping your dogs.  Firstly, I don’t believe that one type of ‘method’ can fix every dog – but I make it part of our culture and belief that we will endeavour to make your life and your dog’s life happier. 

As a result, you will have a much clearer understanding of your dog, a healthier relationship and after our training, be able to create or stop almost anything you wish to choose.

Why is G3 Dog Training More Effective Than Other Trainers?

Don’t be fooled by other trainers with fancy 1-2 second edited video clips, showing just a snap shot of a dog performing a trick (which probably took ‘5 takes’ to get the ‘perfect shot’).  Instead, you will see many of our videos with our own dogs, our clients (regular dog owners) with their dogs that are uncut or time-lapsed to show how our training really works in the real world.  We have to question why is it that in the modern-era of video, YouTube and the ease of being able to record, that many ‘experts’ have little or NO evidence of their training in a public setting?

The fact is, not everyone needs impeccable behaviour from their pet, (even though it’s possible!) but it should be a requirement for a dog to be able to do just a few basic things when asked to.  There has been a huge wave of ‘so-called dog trainers’ that try to complicate what has worked for years; and in truth, they just don’t have any experience in dealing or training dogs to a good level.  Many new trainers can set up a fancy website or social media following and are just teaching to bribe or lure a dog with food.  This, is not dog training.

The secret behind the system of training at G3 Dogs is that we train for ‘real world situations’ – not classrooms, private halls, or enclosed fields.  It’s a common theme we hear that ‘my dog listens great at home’… ‘it’s only when they are distracted’…, they listen great in the training class or when the trainer is there but….

Our training prepares your dog to listen to YOU!

The reason for all of this, is simple.  (And here is the ‘secret’!…) 

There are only 2 ways to train a dog to perform a behaviour:

(I) rewards (food, toys, praise) and (II) they are gently guided to.  In scientific terms, positive reinforcement (giving a treat) and negative reinforcement (removing something slightly unpleasant, e.g. using a lead to guide your dog in a certain direction)

In our most advanced and modern method of training today, the system prepares and trains the dog for real life distractions.  It is also a very fast, reliable and very effective way to train a dog.  Do we use treats? Absolutely.  But would we use a correction or verbal no? If we need to, absolutely.

Many dog trainers use a ‘reward-based only’ training: food, toys and praise (or so they like to tell you!).  Although we love to use rewards, we have to understand that when a dog wants to do something-else more than they want what we have as treats, well, they aren’t going to listen are they?

Treat training may be fine if your dog is in a familiar place of no-distractions, – but what happens when he/she is more interested in another dog, a person, a bird or a cat… ?

At G3 Dogs, by using 2 systems of learning that vastly accelerates the learning ability and the results process, we also introduce a 2nd stage of training that a dog must perform what is asked, even if they are distracted.  If you think about it, it is at these critical moments where we need our dog to listen.

We also promote training that allows the dog to think independently, and doing the right things ‘for him/herself’.  Knowing how to use these methods properly and knowing which method suits which dog – is the most important aspect of effective dog training.  How about a dog that just thinks of doing all the good things rather than the bad and annoying ones?

The end result is that a well-trained dog will listen to his/her owner, anywhere, anytime and immediately – be it coming back when called, walking on the lead without pulling, not jumping up, not barking and/or not reacting when they see other dogs.

Whatever problem that you may have, we can help! And if you have no problems, then let us take you through on a journey that provides absolute clear communication for you and your dog.


Our Training Director

Our Training Director, Edmond Kan, at G3 Dogs has trained, studied, and worked with Multiple World Champions, National Champions, Obedience Competitors, Competitors in England, Germany, Belgium and the USA as well as being certified by one of the top, renowned dog trainers in the USA who has over 30 years experience instructing Military, Police, Search and Rescue groups and pet dog trainers.

Edmond & his dog Ysis (pictured below):

  • Team Captain for Great Britain WUSV Universal Sieger 2018 (World Championships for German Shepherd Dogs) & FCI IPO 2017 World Championships in Germany.
  • 2015 FCI All Breed UK National Champions in IPO. (Internationale Prüfungsordnung)
  • Team Captain / Competitor representing Team GB at the World Championships 2015 in FCI Delemont, Switzerland
  • Team Captain / Competitor representing Team GB at the WUSV World Championships in Lahti, Finland 2015. 



Edmond breeds top working-line German Shepherd Dogs (www.castlehill-kennels.com) of which his puppies and dogs are home to international competing trainers in USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, UK and UK Metropolitan Police.

Our methods of dog training is based and modified by Edmond, from the highest level & the most advanced system of dog training that has been made suited for pet dog training.

Described by Dr. Stewart Hilliard as the ‘phase of the dog training revolution that we are witnessing today’ where we are ‘creating the most powerful and humane systems’ of dog training – a system where ‘rewards are used to teach and motivate performance’ and ‘corrections are exploited to rapidly establish strong control’.

Our Team

We have a growing team of carefully selected trainers across UK that train in the same methods and with our guidance.  Our primary goal is to help you, and to help achieve a happier and better behaved dog.  We are very strict on providing quality over quantity and our clientele demonstrates that.  Want to join our team?

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