Trixie updates

Thank you for training with us, updates will still be available for you to review for the next 3 months.

We hope you enjoy Trixie as much as we have, and please keep in touch! We love to hear from you and should you have any questions or would like to book further stays/training, feel free to reach out.


Final day before return!

Learning place release and come!
Fun with a bulldog!

11-12 June

Trixie is much improved, but will require your continuous maintenance and training to ensure future success. Since she is only a puppy the biting must be carefully supervised and procedures will be given to you during your lesson when she comes back to you.

Please enjoy some videos of her outings during the final week of her training.

7 June

28 May – Trixie at pets at home for a weigh in!

Trixie with genie 🥰
Learning to pose for a photo 😀

24 May

The biting is improving but still needs a lot of time and training. Trixie’s biting is more complicated than ‘normal’ puppy biting as she can react and become more intense if the training is incorrect.

A few fun videos of her playing with water and learning to use her nose will keep her stimulated and mentally a bit more challenged than just feeding from a bowl!

Playing with water 😀

Developing Trixie’s nosework, working for her food and encouaging whilst desensatizing to touch/ stroking (for biting).

Learning to use his nose.. Sniffing out for food!
Learning watch ‘eye contact’

21 May – Obedience sessions start!

The beginning stages always start with sits and downs. ‘Good girl’ or ‘Yes’ means stay doing what you are doing and a treat comes to you!

‘Ok’ means you are free to go! (And there is also a reward for you too!)

Trixie settling in well 😍

Trixie has arrived safely! An hour of introduction to the house and her new surroundings and she has settled in already. (She is a serious biter!!) 🙄😲🥴 We will have our work cut out for sure!

Updates will be made on Tuesday and Friday of every week. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. 🙂