Simba updates

4 Aug Last night! And see you tomorrow! 😄🌜💤

2 Aug

Simba waiting for the weekend..

30 July

23 July New dogs new play buddy

16 July Simba being simba, hanging out with some dogs. He’s improved a lot with dogs and very nice and playful with most dogs. Of course, there will always be ‘that one’ but he’s become much better on and off lead.

He can sometimes be unsure when things come to the house, but I would recommend leaving this, as it’s partly territorial which is very normal in dogs.

12 July – Walking at the Country Park

9 July

5 July – Simba gone fishin’ 🙂

Simba decided to have a dive haha

2 July – Simba is doing great, and happy to be back ‘home’ after a little weekend in St.Helens (near Liverpool). He still remembers how to stay in place since we haven’t been able to train this during the weekend.

Staying in place!
Hopefully he can stay in place for you during Yoga lessons
Every opportunity to meet another dog 🙂 He’s been great with every dog we’ve seen!

29 June

Mr Simba on a little weekend trip to Liverpool for a German Shepherd competition

Simba… skateboarding in the car park… 🙂
Meeting lots of people and dogs at the German Shepherd competitions

24 June

Hanging out at the Park Cafe – Simba being chilled around all the dogs..
Hot sunny day!

21 June

Hanging out with my dog Friday

14 June – Visiting the busy local country park! Simba being very well behaved and meeting lots of dogs!

11 June – Some night training and walks with another dog!

7 June

4 June

31 June – Simba’s Mini Euro Trip 🇪🇺

Departing UK
Arrived in Holland!
Arrived in Germany 🇩🇪

28 May

Simba still hungry after his breakfast.. 🙈😂

24 May – (Mini) Pack walks!

Pack walk/socializing

17 May

Simba enjoying a run around with Yuna
Hanging out with a Pomeranian

14 May – Simba enjoying his time at the dog club!

He’s doing really well and getting in the routine of things.

10 May – Simba in Newmarket

Training and out at Newmarket fields

7 May – Socialising walks with a new friend!

Getting to know a little Cockapoo friend..

Friday 3 May – Place place

Simba learning place. Back into training and he knows it! ‘Place’ will be the command to go to an elevated bed (I’ll include one when he returns), ‘Good’ means stay there and ‘Yes’/’ok’ means he is released.

Simba on his place

Wednesday 1st May – May day.

Simba has arrived safely!! Had a walk when he arrived and did his business! He’s been good as gold so far, and remembers everyone here!

Super Simba
Interesting smells..

Updates will be made on Tuesday and Friday of every week. Please feel free to contact me (07888107332) should you have any questions. 😀