Luna Updates

Thank you again for training with us. We hope you enjoyed the updates and we will keep these available for you for the next 6 months. The few weeks of training, training, (cuddles) and training will hopefully shape and remain with Luna as you continue to maintain it.

It’s been a pleasure having her stay with us and we feel that she is part of our extended family! 😊

For future services: we can provide further training, boarding and international transport subject to availability!

Tues 14 May – Last update before home!

Luna will have a bath and brush today so she will be smelling good when she returns to you tomorrow!

She has become very good in her training and the sit stays and recall is much improved. Her character is very lovely and I’ve also had her ‘help’ with training other client’s (see video below!)

Sit stay in the park
Sit Stay are great for taking photos of Luna ! 😀
Luna being very good!
Luna even helping with a young German Shepherd (Ava), teaching her not to pull towards and play with every dog!

10 May – Heeling/Auto sit and stops

Stop. Sit. Good.
Stop. (Luna sits by herself). Good.

1 second pause between each command.

Heeling will be explained when we go for a walk… (it makes more sense when you do it in-person). Principles for you to maintain is very simple. No tension when she is next to you (left side) and very gentle tension should she wander off or go ahead. Occasionally reward with food! The harness is designed to help you with that, so please use it on your walks!

Luna auto sitting perfectly
Luna needing a little help (verbal command) to sit.
Always time for a run around 🙂

7 May – Skating + Bedding

Skateboarding… or the beginnings of it.
This is how I start training a dog to skateboard. Some dogs are better than others due to their anatomy and centre of gravity.

There are lots of things going on – but the basic principles are ‘get on the skateboard’ and food will come… also I want her to think about it for herself rather than me guiding too much.

Obviously this takes a lot of time, on average it takes months for a dog just to learn and feel comfortable on a moving skateboard; and after that it’s balancing. Keep it fun, and finish the session before the dog gets bored (or full!)

A bit of fun (first session) on a skateboard (uncut!)

Going to bed [ON YOUR BED], staying on there, + leaving food [LEAVE IT!]: a puppy can learn some basic behaviours, and as they get older it’s about progressing. Staying on for 5 seconds, then 10, then 30, then 1 minute… and longer and longer. Of course, if it was that simple, every dog can easily be trained. It’s a balance of still rewarding shorter stays to maintain behaviour even when a dog can reach longer periods.

‘Go to bed’ and staying on there + leaving food (dropped)
Watching ducks on the River Cam
Morning walks on the river!
Luna posing on the skateboard!

3 May – Beginnings of ‘Leave it’ and off lead recalls!

Luna has literally grown overnight, still very cute but a little bigger and maturing mentally too. She’s outgrown her harness (her head’s too big now!) so I’ve ordered a new one for you which will help with her lead walking too.

Luna by the ‘pond’
Probably the last time on this harness!
Clever girl learning ‘Leave it’.. 😅

Once Luna shows me a good understanding of certain behaviours, we can slowly progress to slightly harder situations. Running with other dogs and coming back is one of the hardest things to train. It’s always maintaining and no recall can be 100% unless you have equipment on the dog. To make things easier, taking her to similar situations (same park, same dogs etc.) will help bridge that transition.

She’s doing really well and I’m very happy with her progress. She’s smart, motivated and willing to learn.

30 April – Sit Stay & Recall/Jumping up

Luna has met my dog Yuna, and it’s good to have her practice recall training (coming back) around other controlled dogs, rather than with strange dogs at first.

Of course, coming back is a very happy thing to do, and lots of food/treats when she comes back. Everything is done on the lead until she is very good, and the lead will come off after week 2.

She jumps a little still, it takes time to change (and also it’s slightly the character of the dog) – all we do is say ‘no’ (uh/uh) and after a brief period (more than 5 seconds) say YES if she sits instead. The idea is that she gets NOTHING good when she jumps, and EVERYTHING good when she sits down.

Sit Stay: always returning to the dog when I ask her to Sit (Sit means stay too). and going back to feed her a little bit. Only when I go back to the dog, then I can use ‘ok, or yes’ to release her. This is better than calling her from a sit/stay otherwise she will anticipate the recall instead of staying there.

Sit Stay
Recall (and verbal correction for jumping up)
Luna with my dog ‘Yuna’ (yes, very similar!), 4 year old German Shepherd
Little and large!
Luna with trainee, Cookie (7 month Pomeranian)
Cutest ever!!

26 April – Vaccinations done! Luna was very good going into the vet and met the lovely staff there. She was quite sensitive to the vaccination, but I made sure she had a good experience and went in/out of the vet several times offering food/treats which she took easily!

She is progressing with off lead ‘following’ and the recall is improving too. She likes to play with dogs and follow people, which is absolutely ok and should not be discouraged at this age. It’s very important to keep her how she is, friendly and social.

Weighing in at 4kg!
Luna at the Village Vet
Luna exploring the parks (off lead)
Off lead, jumping has improved since this video (taken a few days ago)

23rd – Happy Easter!

A few videos to show Luna’s progress. It’s only just been a few days but she is learning to learn, and learning well. Using her daily meals, the first step is to learn: (i) YES and (ii) GOOD.

Yes = Luna, that’s good, you are RELEASED and REWARDED (come get your reward!)
Good = That’s good, KEEP doing what you are doing (not released), a treat will come to you!

Learning these two words allows you to communicate with her effectively so she understands exactly what is good (and not)

Sit, Yes, Good
Recall games (get it = throwing food across the floor)
Down, good, yes.

19th – Good Friday + a good girl! 

Adorable little Luna first day of training, starting some basic obedience and of course on going toilet training. A little at a time, and she definitely likes biting the hands!! ✋😂

Luna LOVES her bed 🛌

Day1 – Pick up: 18 April

Luna travelled very well and has settled in very nicely. She’s been a superstar so far and doing her ‘business’ outside already.  She is ‘oh, so, VERY CUTE!!’ 

We stopped at Hyde Park for a quick walk before heading to Cambridge. 🙂 

She doesn’t know how to walk on the lead, which is quite normal for little puppies! It’s just the tension of the collar that makes her ‘freeze’ which she will have to learn ‘how to move’ with the collar over the weeks.

All will be explained as we progress! 

Updates will be made on Tuesday and Friday of every week. Please feel free to contact me (07888107332) should you have any questions. 🙂