Jess Update

1 October

Heeling and tight turns for increased attention + sit when stop

27 Sept

Recall to heeling in the park 🙂
Resting for the night!

24 Sept

After an evening walk, heel work and recall on a flexi, fed and now resting. Mental and physical exercises will help with creating calmness and reduce anxiety.
Jess is very sensitive to noise especially with visitors ringing the doorbell or entering the door. Working on place with no distraction and mock exercises.
Down at a beautiful park

20 Sept

Down stay progress!
Jess is ok with dogs she has met before and are calm. I am still walking pass other dogs in the park and teaching Jess to ignore when off leash. Unfortunately she is easily  
excited and her behaviour becomes unpredictable. I feel her socialising progress will take more time and patience.
On place command whilst I attend to house chores.

17 September!

Jess relaxing at home
Sit position and counter conditioning in the presence of other dogs.
Jess on a long line, recall and heel pass the crowd with dogs resting in the cafe.

Apologises, we had some server issues previously. Updates will resume as normal! 🙂

13 Sept

Working Jess on sit and loose leash walking inside the park.
Jess in the park. Starting to be more relaxed rather than shooting off.
Jess ignoring small dogs. Still require supervision whenever other dogs are running, chasing ball or looking timid/ scared by calling Jess away.
Winding down after the exercises in the park. I like to do this so that the dog doesn’t always feel as if it is straight in and out of the car after/ before the walk. Praises for relaxation & calmness.


Barking and pacing when release for recall training. I guess it was the same when she was at home and before she settled into crate training and a routine. She still does occassionally indoors but I can pick the house line and calm her down.
On sit command with passes bys behind me.
Place commands with slight noise distraction, food etc
Genie + Jess
With llamas!!

6 Sept

Jess posing for a nice photo.
Learning the down exercises outside.
Not worried about the wooden sculpture anymore.
By the bench pose 🙂
Jess learning to relax with other tired dogs. Had a leash attached to stop her from getting up whenever there moment.

3 Sept – Structured Walks

Commencing a structured walk. (30minutes-1hour). Making an about turn whenever she is forging ahead, sitting when I stop. I’m using leash pressure on and off together with vocal command & praise to help with the exercise. This exercise is very good for Jess, both physically and mentally. It requires Jess to stay by my side and not be distracted by smell, people, dogs etc. Ideally I like to do the structured walk on the street since Jess is still quite aroused by other dogs.

1 Sept

Place command (plastic dog bed boundary) preparing her meal as well as for my dog.

Jess still in place command until release “ok” to get her meal.

After meal, a small natural chew to entice Jess into her crate where she will learn to rest despite movement, noise and my daily house chores for minimum 4 hours.

29 Aug

A week in, and settling in nicely to our training and routines.

A crate is highly recommended (almost essential) to start to change her behaviour at home. Using a crate is useful when Jess is unsupervised to prevent any unwanted behaviour such as pacing/barking etc.

When out of her crate, supervision is required and a house line is used to reduce pacing.

Outdoors, sausages for recall 🙂 and rewarding good behaviour. She can sometimes be a little snappy at small dogs, but generally well behaved and heeling and recall is progressing already.

(Also training the ‘watch’ command to help with attention)

Jess free walking on a flexi. Good that she is starting to use her nose a bit as she often zoom ahead without checking back. Came across a smal spaniel, here I reinforced the recall with a forceful tug to comply. Jess did well considering a few days earlier she would have reacted with a charge and bark.
Jess going for a walk with my friends’ dogs who ignores Jess which is exactly what will help Jess to become more relax.

Jess after a walk and replenished her thirst.
Jess enjoying a chew after her meal.

27 Aug

Drinky drink 🙂 Playing water in this heat.:)
Settling at the park cafe! 🙂

23-5 Aug

Welcome to Jess, staying with us for the next 4 weeks!

The view from Pets at home 😀
A lovely long walk to start it all off! 😁
Jess holding sit for a few seconds to have her photo pose.
Listening… ?
Snooze time!