Coco Updates

24 July – Bath, brush, before home! 🛀

23 July

Progress off lead and increasing further distractions!

19/20 July

Progress is good and the final week we increase more to real distractions (and very high distractions!) Birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc…. not easy, but she’s doing well.

Will also try to do some heeling, but my main focus is still the recall right now. 🙂

Coco loves tennis balls!! I’m sure you know…

16 July – Walks along the River Cam

So her progress is pretty good, and she is getting there off lead. The videos show glimpses of her increased attention to me which I’m happy with. I will instruct you on how to use the ecollar on her return.

Essentially, it’s an invisible lead. We ask her to come back, and if she doesn’t, we can use a small button at the same time as we call her the second time. Basically, the e-collar acts as a normal collar, and it ‘pulls’ her back into you. (That is what she has been trained for)

For the nearing final week, I start to vary the distractions in different places, so we can generalise the command.

She could go off lead, but I wasn’t sure if she’d jump in the river! ha ha

Off lead and recalling (squirrels and birds around!) ^_^

14 July We’ve decided to call her Princess Coco 🤴😂

Sunday’s… ,,😆

12 July – Pending update, apologises, technical issues!

Starting off lead, and starting to trust her a bit more! Still a lot more to do!

9 July A few pictures of our training. Every day, repeat repeat..

Training! 🙂

5 July – Recall and Lead walking progress

Only been a week, but glimpses of the training is starting to show through. Coco is very attentive and willing to learn at home with food, but I’m sure you know already, once she is outside, the world changes for her.

We have to use the e-collar (electronic collar) if you want to have reliability off lead which I mentioned before. Her hunting drive is just too high to be able to use food or toys to train her. Perhaps as she gets older and more knowledgeable, you will be able to use the training collar less.

A little video of her heeling, she is learning how to turn right when I do, that is following me and staying close to my leg when asked to. Other times, she is allowed to pull and wander off further on the flexi lead. When I can trust her off lead, then she will be running off. 🙂

Walking to heel
Very hot!
Managing to get a photo of her relatively still 🙂
All this training is very tiring!!

2 July Weekend with Coco – it’s taken a few days for her to really get to know me, and for me to get to know her! She can be a little shy of new things at times, but her drive for hunting/running off etc is very high which masks some of her character. All in all, she’s been a star so far and she is ever so cute!! Training is underway, and I hope there is enough time as her pulling and hunting instincts are very very high!

Walking the streets of Cambridge (to the park)
Not all videos are… 🙂
Hanging out with Simba and Yuna (my German Shepherd)

28 June

Coco has been great so far. She’s very quiet and travelled well. Pulling… Always… 😆😅😂. She’s a super sweet and cute dog. Taking time to settle in with me, which she’s already getting to know me well already after all her walks! 😀