Albert Updates

Friday 18th

Apologies for the update delay. Albert is progressing well and is starting to get the idea and principles of training.

To start with, the reward system: we say ‘Good boy/Yes’ and immediately after (within 2 seconds) a treat is given to him.

With repetition and rewarding the things we WANT, and for now ignoring any other behaviour (barking jumping etc.) He will gradually become more likely to sit more, pay attention, come back etc.

Posing and playing at a tree stump
Can be quite boisterous in play. I suspect he had a lot of rough play as a puppy and likes it. When Albert is focused on birds or squrrels, he will not budge despite being tugged for a recall. He’s a handful as he is gaining confidence.
Playing well with an older dog and returning recall for a treat. He is a little unsure / timid with some dogs but friendly so some of the behaviours (jumping around going back and forth is part of his education). Using a longline to keep him with us helps to prevent him running off again and rewarding himself.
Walking to heel, this is the first stage of training, teaching him to ‘follow’ us.

Heeling: Turning in the opposite direction using ‘pressure on/pressure off’. As he gets away from us (1-2m) the collar has leash tension, and when he is next to the left leg, pressure / tension releases. Praise accordingly verbally when he is in the right position, occasionally with treats. He is then learning to change direction when Esther does, and staying next to her. If he doesn’t (and forges ahead) the consequence is to turn around (or stop).

Snapshot of recall training
Learning to play with toys in the house

Here he’s learning how to release (very very beginning), play, and desirable behaviours for getting what he wants (sitting). The way we play with him will be explained later on. Essentially, it’s about praising him when returning and not necessarily taking the toy or playing fetch. He has to feel comfortable around the person and being pet/cuddled with the toy. If he isn’t comfortable, he will play ‘run away’ and try to hide with the toy.

Tues 15th

Albert is very ‘full on’. 😅 Very energetic before and after walk. He has enormous strength in his pulling power. He is learning how to walk to heel for short distances and regular turns which will take time.

In the evening, he had his first play session with a 5 months cockerpoo. Very boisterous play but balanced out later on. He’s more respectful with genie (in the house) but still occasionally pushes his luck. Intervention of course when he gets too crazy. 😊😊😊

On the whole, definitely some progress. Working on impulse control at doorways as he generally tends to bolt..

Learning ‘place’ (bed), sit, down, and watch (eye contact) with a big distraction!!! 🐩
Socialising and learning how to be with other (older) dogs! (Esther’s own dogs)
A bit of play and puppy socialisation with a 5 month cockapoo

Fri 11 Oct

Albert is going to be one of the more ‘challenging’ puppies… Pulls, jumps, counter surf’s… Toilet training and barking!! 😅😅😅

Enjoying a run on a long lead at the park!!

Day 1

Albert is settling in well. He’s a very sweet puppy and likes to sit a lot 😊. He travelled well and he loves to say hi to everyone and every dog! Training has started!


Thank you for trusting us with training for Albert.

Updates will be provided twice a week (end of the day Tuesday and Friday). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.

Your trainer: Esther is available on 07482514452 (also available on WhatsApp mobile messaging).

Esther & Genie 🙂