E-collar Training   Recently updated !

E-collar Training Real results, real training in real-life places! I cannot recommend G3 Dogs enough. After the 1st lesson (1 hour) I had my Oldtyme Bulldog walking to heel on command (no pulling what so ever) [previously heavy pulling on the lead!].  After the 2nd lesson my 38kg powerful bulldog was walking to heel off the lead […]



Force free dog training   Recently updated !

A lot of people believe that force free dog training, all-positive, reward only, treat based training is the only way to train… the be all and end all… it’s not. For some dogs just giving them treats isn’t going to work! It’s not going to stop them lunging at other dogs, pulling you to the side to […]

We are updating!   Recently updated !

We are updating our website over the next few days, for training enquiries, email: training@g3dogs.com! Thank you for your patience!